Do you have major issues with one of your executives and no one will confront them with the truth? Do you have a team that is fighting internally to the point where nothing gets done? Do you have a high potential that needs to learn how to be a leader before you can promote them? Or would you like to become an Executive Certified Coach?

We have partnered with Sherpa Coaching because they specialize in creating an impact on your company’s bottom line by teaching positive business behaviors and communication skills to grow better leaders. Sherpa works with executives to optimize positive leadership behavior via a proven process endorsed by seven universities.

A value of our coaching is: Positive Skills + Positive Behavior = Positive Impact on Business (IOB).

Executive coaching is a process of facilitation, detailed and clearly documented, that creates positive change in business behavior by an expert facilitator who works one-on-one, meeting every other week with an executive or senior manager to create positive changes in business behavior within a fixed time frame. Sherpa can also deliver group coaching programs onsite at your company’s office to improve communication skills.

About Our Coaches


Our coaches are experts in leadership development and management coaching, and have worked with Fortune 500 companies including Toyota, Stanley Black & Decker, Procter & Gamble, and Oshkosh Industries.

For more information about Coaching/Leadership call (713) 864-9997 or use the blue contact form below to schedule a Coaching Consultation time.

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  • Testimonials

    Risk Mitigation Worldwide
    After attending many presentations on the subject of Legal Avoidance Training by highly qualified individuals, I can truly say that the LegalWATCH style of presenting and training was the best. From Officers of the company to line management, everyone who has attended classes have walked away with a greater appreciation for being better professionals in all that they do and have actually made changes to correct many of their bad habits.