Risk Mitigation Worldwide, formerly LegalWATCH, provides consulting, training and staffing services based upon on a risk mitigation platform.  Our services help companies mitigate risks associated with their processes, policies and people.

Since 1997, Risk Mitigation Worldwide has been the leading provider of risk mitigation training across a wide spectrum of industries worldwide. With our signature, award-winning Risk Mitigation training and consulting program, strong brand recognition, local and international client base, and enviable referral and customer satisfaction rates, Risk Mitigation Worldwide is poised to remain the industry leader that assists companies in mitigating risks and improving business performance now and for years to come.

To learn more about how our Training, Staffing, and Consulting services can help your organization prevent compliance sanctions, lawsuits, negative publicity and bad hires, please use the blue contact form below to request a consultation.

About Risk Mitigation Worldwide (RMW):

Value Proposition:

Our services empower employees to perform in a manner that reduces regulatory sanctions, lawsuits, bad hires and negative publicity. The objective of each of our programs is to keep our clients out of court, news and jail.

Our Distinguishing Qualities

Our risk mitigation model, unique service offerings and unmatched customer service distinguishes our services from others.


We not only work to establish processes, practices and procedures that help to increase efficiency and promote safety, but also help to prevent liability, personal and professional


Our training programs empower employees to perform in a manner that reduces risks and corporate liability. They learn to recognize and respond to actions and communications that routinely expose individuals and company to liability and public scrutiny


We provide full cycle recruiting and go the distance to find the right person for each position. Experience has taught us that hiring the right people is key to mitigating risks

For more information,  fill out our Contact Form or give us a call on 713.864.9997.

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  • Testimonials

    Risk Mitigation Worldwide
    After attending many presentations on the subject of Legal Avoidance Training by highly qualified individuals, I can truly say that the LegalWATCH style of presenting and training was the best. From Officers of the company to line management, everyone who has attended classes have walked away with a greater appreciation for being better professionals in all that they do and have actually made changes to correct many of their bad habits.