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Crime No Crime


In the United States, it is a fundamental legal principle that ignorance of the law is no defense. Yet, ignorance of the law is a 100% reality that has led to the mass incarceration of too many, especially people of color. And although ignorance of the law is no defense, most people do not know the law. Where would they learn it? We created CRIME NO CRIME to address this problem. To educate people, especially our youth, who often fall victim to the criminal justice system simply because they do not know the law.
CRIME NO CRIME challenges players with real-life legal scenarios that test their understanding of the law. Players must first determine whether the described scenario amounts to a crime; where applicable, players must determine what crime was committed. The game covers a variety of felonies, misdemeanors, and other offenses, and offers an educational yet fun way to uncover different aspects of criminal law. Play with friends and family to see who can recognize the varying crimes and their associated punishments. Enjoy endless entertainment with this unique crime-related card game.
CRIME NO CRIME does not focus on specific state laws but on various laws across the United States. The information provided in CRIME NO CRIME educates players on laws that routinely lead to criminal records, lengthy prison terms, and even death sentences. CRIME NO CRIME is the only game of its kind. Not only does it educate people on the law, it helps to reduce crime, and according to the reviews, it is having a real-life impact.
When people know better, they do better. With CRIME NO CRIME, no longer will people be blindsided by the law. They will know the law and the ramification of violating it. The impact of CRIME NO CRIME is life-changing as it will reduce crime AND save lives.
CRIME NO CRIME was inspired by a desire to educate people on the law to keep our youth out of the criminal justice system and prevent the devastation caused to families and friends when people they care about get caught up in it. CRIME NO CRIME aims to empower individuals with legal awareness, fostering an understanding that could steer them away from inadvertently engaging in conduct that might lead to criminal charges.
CRIME NO CRIME provides vital information about our laws that every person should know before a problem occurs. We do not focus on laws in any specific state, but, rather, on various laws across the United States. By focusing on laws nationwide, CRIME NO CRIME is a tool that provides information that can avert life-altering situations.
The information provided does not only educate people on laws that can have life-altering ramifications but can also discourage individuals from engaging in conduct that can lead to criminal records, lengthy prison terms, and even death sentences.

Player Comments

“We played CrimeNoCrime with a group aged from 16-42. Education levels included players from high school through post-graduate studies. Not only did CrimeNoCrime keep EVERYONE engaged, but it was amazingly fun and educational and brought about some critical conversations regarding how a crime could change the trajectory of one’s life. This game should be in every space where there are young people. It is a must-have for all households interested in learning while having a great time!”
Gwendolyn Knave, Author, Social
Justice Advocate
“Rarely do we, as educators, find a game that relates to the real world and incorporates fun twists. Crime No Crime allows young people the opportunity to learn academic vocabulary and realize how laws can affect their everyday lives. This game should be on every shelf in every school as a learning tool for the masses.”
Rowena Lewis | Middle School
Instructional Leader
“Playing CrimeNoCrime is a game that feels like a crazy fun101 criminal law class!! My peers and I had so much fun playing it. Definitely amust-have if you have young people in your home.”
Joshua Howard Dually, High School Student
Pre- Engineering
“This innovative crime game effortlessly blends suspense, conversation, and law, making it an instant hit among my family, including my children. The concept of "Crime or No Crime" is intriguingly simple yet brilliantly engaging. Discussions can get heated as everyone tries to convince others of their perspective, leading to hilarious and intense moments. My children love it and are learning at the same time.”
DeLisha Coleman
"The Crime or No Crime card game has been nothing short of transformative. Its immersive gameplay and intricate scenarios have not only enlightened me about the complexities of the law but also reshaped my analytical thinking, making it an invaluable tool for staying informed on crimes and educating our youth!
Kerchalyn Mayhorn
“This game is a must-have for every high school student. Not only is it insanely fun and engaging, but it’s also a sneak peek inside of the law that could save lives and preserve freedom!”
Johnny B. Williams |High School
Educator and Administrator
The information provided not only educates our youth and family members on laws that can have lifetime ramifications but can also discourage individuals from engaging in conduct that can lead to criminal records, lengthy prison terms, and even death sentences.
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